Greco Roman

HiFlyers Minnesota State Place winners

Rochester MN May 5, 2002


14 Champions with 37 placewinners


Jeremy Pederson 1st, 171 pound Junior

Ryan Lumley 3rd, 152 pound Junior

Nic Borchardt 3rd, 171 pound Cadet

Kristopher Kreir 2nd, 160 pound Cadet

Matt Shrupp 2nd, 152 pound Cadet

Nate Matousek 1st, 152 pound Cadet

Chas Betts 1st, 145 pound Cadet

Jake Grygelko 1st, 135 pound Cadet

Andy Bisek 2nd, 130 pound Cadet

David Albrecht 1st, 112 pound Cadet

Andy Hackenmueller 4th, 91 pound Cadet

Mike Thorn 1st, 84 pound Cadet

Jerrid Fisher 5th, 140 pound Schoolboy

Wesley Reardan 5th, 130 pound Schoolboy

Eric Reinert 3rd, 125 pound Schoolboy

Zac Neilson 3rd, 120 pound Schoolboy

Jacob Kahnke 5th, 105 pound Schoolboy

Joe Grygelko 2nd, 100 pound Schoolboy

Matt Baarson 4th, 95 pound Schoolboy

Matt Farber 6th, 85 pound Schoolboy

David Zilverberg 1st, 75 pound Schoolboy

Brian Litch 1st, 70 pound Schoolboy

Jon Dailing 2nd, 95 pound Novice

Bradley Sanford 6th, 90 pound Novice

Danny Zilverberg 1st, 65 pound Novice

Drew Fleming 1st, 60 pound Novice

Kurtis Reardan 1st, 87 pound Midget

Cory Nelson 5th, 70 pound Midget

Ryan Arne 1st, 70 pound Midget

Joey Falde 1st, 65 pound Midget

Ben Morgan 3rd, 55 pound Midget

Joe Brady 1st, 55 pound Midget

Cole Easley 2nd, 55 pound Bantam





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