HiFlyers Place winners at Northern Plains National Regional

Waterloo, Iowa, June 12-15, 2002


Greco-Roman (15 place winners with Two Champions)


Joe Brady 1st , Midget 55 pounds

Ben Morgan 2nd, Midget 55 pounds

Kurtis Reardan, 1st, Midget 87 pounds

Danny Zilverberg, 2nd, Novice 65 pounds

Jonathan Dailing, 4th, Novice 95 pounds

Brian Litch, 2nd, Schoolboy 70 pounds

David Zilverberg, 2nd, Schoolboy 70 pounds

Matt Barson, 3rd, Schoolboy 95 pounds

Joe Grygelko, 3rd, Schoolboy 100 pounds

Mike Thorn, 2nd, Cadet 91 pounds

Andy Hackenmueller, 5th, Cadet 91 pounds

David Albrecht, 4th, Cadet 112 pounds

Andy Bisek, 3rd, Cadet 130 pounds

Jake Grygelko, 4th, Cadet 135 pounds

Aaron Olson, 4th, Cadet 215 pounds


Freestyle  (One Champion, 15 place winners)


Joe Brady 2nd, Midget 55 pounds

Ben Morgan 3rd, Midget 55 pounds

Dylan Ness 2nd, Midget 60 pounds

Max Poikenen 5th, Midget 80 pounds

Kurtis Reardan 2nd, Midget 87 pounds

Danny Zilverberg 3rd, Novice 65 pounds

Brian Litch 5th, Schoolboy 70 pounds

David Zilverberg 3rd, Schoolboy 75 pounds

Jake Sazter 6th, Schoolboy 90 pounds

Matt Baarson 6th, Schoolboy 95 pounds

Mike Thorn 1st, Cadet 91 pounds

Andy Hackenmueller 4th, Cadet 91 pounds

David Albrecht 5th, Cadet 112 pounds

Andy Bisek 4th, Cadet 130 pounds

Kris Kreir 6th, Cadet 160 pounds

Aaron Olson 5th, Cadet 215 pounds


For complete results see the following link:  http://www.themat.com/newusaw/results/Default.asp?CategoryID=86